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[Celebrating the Birthday of Jaeho Kim] 

In November, we had time to celebrate the birthday of Jaeho Kim.



[Celebrating the Birthday of Wonho Sohn] 

In November, we had time to celebrate the birthday of Wonho Sohn.



[Celebrating the Birthday of Prof. Junghye Lee and Hyerim Park

In September, we had time to celebrate the birthday of Professor Junghye Lee and Hyerim Park.



[Novatus – Special Lecture Day] 

In August, there was a special AI lecture, called Novatus day, for incumbents.

Not only developers but also CEO and general office workers participated in the event and gained knowledge of AI that can be directly applied to the real industry.


[Celebrating the Birthday of Dongcheol] 

In June, we had time to celebrate Dongcheol’s birthday.

KakaoTalk_20210611_110250115_05    KakaoTalk_20210611_110250115_06

[Spring Conference 2021 of KIIE (Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers; 대한산업공학회 추계학술대회)]

Spring conference 2021 of KIIE was held in ICC Jeju(International Convention Center Jeju; 제주 국제컨벤션센터). Data Mining Lab members participated in various sessions and booths, learning how to solve real-world problems by diverse methods.


[Celebrating Teacher’s Day]

On Friday, May 14th, we had time to celebrate Teacher’s Day on Saturday, May 15th, in advance. We are very grateful and respectful that Prof. Lee has always cared not only for our research direction but also for our hearts with her warm heart and passion. :)


[ Taking new lab group photos]

In the new semester of 2021, we took a group photo at UNIST campus. In the meantime, recent master’s and doctoral students and interns have joined the lab. Also, Kyeongbin, one of our lab’s master’s students, is expected to graduate with his master’s degree soon. There have been many changes so far, and we wish a full of luck to Kyeongbin, who will quickly start a new journey of his life and our new Lab members.



[ Climbing the beautiful Ganwoljae.]

Both our professor and the lab members climbed Ganwoljae. Beautiful scenery and sunny weather greeted us. It was an opportunity to refresh our mood through a picnic after a long period.


[ Ranked 3rd in the ‘2020 Statistical Data Analysis and Utilization Competition’]

Students of the Departm통계청ent of Industrial Engineering at UNIST participated in the ‘2020 Statistical Data Analysis and Utilization Competition’ hosted by the National Statistical Office. They ranked third in the data analysis report category. Students were awarded a commendation from the Director of Statistics Korea for this achievement.

The protagonists of the award are Kyeongbin Kim, Yoontae Hwang, and  Dongcheol Lim. These are graduate and undergraduate students belonging to our Data Mining Lab (Professor Junghye Lee) and Financial Engineering Lab (Professor Yongjae Lee) of the Department of Industrial Engineering at UNIST.

The ‘2020 Statistical Data Analysis and Utilization Contest’ was promoted to broaden the basis of data utilization, the Digital New Deal’s core task. In this competition, all participants had to use at least one of the National Statistical Office data to provide in-depth analysis of economic and social phenomena, policy directions, and entrepreneurship ideas.

Since the beginning of 2020, the three students have been researching developing a household financial health checkup model based on artificial intelligence with Professors Junghye Lee and Yongjae Lee. The household financial health checkup model can evaluate the user’s household status and suggest improvement directions. The researchers studied patterns of latent data using a deep learning-based dimension reduction technique based on data related to household assets, debt income, and expenses to implement the model. The constructed model provides relative evaluation with other households with similar age or income of the user.

**To see more details : “AI로 가계금융 문제 돕는다” … 산업공학과 학생들, 통계청장 표창!“**

[ Congratulations on the Master’s Degree of Seok-Ju]

Seok-Ju Hahn, a master’s student of a Data Mining Lab, conducted a master’s degree defense under the subject “Federated Learning with Sufficient Dimension Reduction and Generative Models.” Congratulations on your master’s degree!

석주 띠시스 사진석주 띠시스3

[Celebrating the Birthday of Kyungbin and Jaeho]

Kyeongbin Kim and Jaeho Kim in our Data Mining Lab were born on a similar day. We presented a sports bag to Kyeongbin, who likes CrossFit, and a muffler to Jaeho, who said, ‘Warming throat is necessary for good  research quality.’ While we are busy with research, it is small but certain happiness for us to take care of a Lab member’s birthday.


[Celebrating Wonho’s Birthday]

November is the birthday month of Wonho Sohn, the most handsome researcher in our lab. We gave him a heater as a present for whom is usually sensitive to cold. The birthday party was even more special because I could hear the surprise news that he, who was in the master’s course, had switched to a Ph.D. program. All the Lap members were happy with his decision.


[Molecular Structure Image (SMILES) Transformation AI Contest, 3rd Prize]

스마일즈 교체2









A team of ‘Lab Fairies’ consisting of researchers Yejin Kim, Jaeho Kim, and Dongcheol Lim from our Data Mining Lab and researchers at the Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence proved their competitiveness with excellent grades in the ‘LG Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hackathon.’  The ‘Lab Fairies’ team was ranked 3rd with a score of 0.6% in the ‘Molecular Structure Image (SMILES) Transformation AI Contest’ held from September 1st (Tue) to October 9th (Fri). This event was hosted by LG Science Park and by DACON.

The competition evaluated the algorithm’s ability to express chemical molecular structure images through artificial intelligence algorithms in the field of computer vision and use them to convert them into string expressions automatically. SMILES (Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System) is one way to express the molecular structure and is a more convenient expression method for computers than conventional molecular formulas. In this contest, the goal was to develop an artificial intelligence model that can quickly identify and express molecular structure images in papers and patents.

**To see more details : “분자구조 이미지 SMILES 변환 AI 경진대회, 3위 수상”**

[Celebrating the Birthday of Suhyeon and Seok-Ju]

October is the birthday month for our beloved Suhyeon and Seok-Ju. Suhyeon is about to submit her paper to journals, and  Seok-Ju is preparing for a Master’s defense. So, we gave massage guns as gifts to them to relieve their tired shoulders. We had time to celebrate their birthday and wish them everything ahead of them to go well.


[Create a Business Card for the Data Mining Lab]

Finally, we have finished creating business cards for the Data Mining lab members. As cooperation projects with various national institutions and corporations increase, a tool that allows our researchers to introduce themselves efficiently becomes necessary. To meet these needs, we decided to create a business card, and we all enthusiastically designed business cards together, and we enjoyed the process very much. In particular, with the mindset that we are all representatives of Data Mining Lab, it was an opportunity to once again pledged to participate more passionately in all projects.


[Celebrating the Birthday of Professor Junghye Lee]


At 4:00 p.m. on September 21st, accompanied by the beautiful and joyful music, we celebrated the birthday of our professor, Junghye Lee.

All of us always have appreciated that she has enthusiastically taught and guided us with warmheartedness.

To express our gratitude and admiration, we ordered the specially customized cake which was decorated with a photo of our professor and birthday-appreciation messages. Additionally, we also ordered a nameplate printed with the phrase, ‘CEO of Data Mining Lab’.

It was great to see that she was surprised and joyful about our gifts. During eating the cake, we could have a great time to catch up with each other and find out the latest news.

At the end of the small party, we took a picture to keep the moment as happy memories. It was a lovely day!

[The joyful annual team-outing day]




This year’s lab outing took us to Gyeongju, and we booked a cozy room of a beautiful pension for one night. When we arrived there, we found the pension was surrounded by a beautiful valley. It was a very quiet and calming landscape and our team members enjoyed nature by swimming or dipping feet in the water.

After having a great time at the valley, we entertained ourselves by enjoying a few team-building games. Also, the BBQ party made all of us satisfied and delighted.

The outing place was just nearby UNIST, but it made us refresh ourselves and get to know each other better. We were such a happy team and full of energy.

[Celebrating Myung Hoon’s Birthday]




August 3 was the day all the lab members celebrated Myung Hoon’s birthday. He joined our team just a few months ago, and we are excited to have him. It was a great time to wish him all the best on his birthday and every day in the future. Hoping that this birthday is the start of an amazing year where he accomplishes every goal and shatters every record there is to break.


[PyCon KOREA 2019]

The international Python conference, PyCon 2019 was held in Coex convention center, Seoul on 17th-18th August. The Data Mining Lab members took part in many of the sessions and information booths, gaining insights on various types of projects that can be done using python.

[Celebrating Teachers’ day]

To celebrate Teachers’ day, the lab members prepared a surprise party for professor Junghye Lee. Although we weren’t able to see tears in her eyes, she definitely seemed to have a great time. As a gift, one of our member Yeongjae Gil prepared a drawing of her and all the other lab members. As our beloved mentor and professor, we wish her all the best this year